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About Us

We Are A Network of Professionals Helping Other Professionals

Unlike other national organizations serving the Parkinson’s community, IPN is the only organization of its kind in the US. We are not a national organization, but rather a consortium of independent parties providing “boots on the ground” and locally-funded services to the PD community to include education, support and exercise.

Each of the independent regional members of IPN provide local services to their regions. Collectively, the 12 organizations share ideas, resources and experiences to make each of us stronger and more productive in our regions.

We have been an organization since 2009, known as AIRPO, but this is an exciting year for our us as we launch our new name, Independent Parkinson’s Network (IPN), along with a new website and mission. Several IPN CEOs will be attending the 2023 World Parkinson Congress in Barcelona as we gather new programming ideas and formally roll-out our mission. As a whole, the current IPN organizations represent about 42% of the people in the US diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. We are open to new members that meet our membership criteria, and are committed to mentoring smaller organizations in their mission to serve their respective areas.



Independent Parkinson’s Network (IPN) is a group of regional nonprofit organizations from across the country that work together to share best practices, valuable resources, and take collective action toward improving the quality of life for those impacted by Parkinson’s disease. This is guided by the shared understanding that strategic collaboration will improve local organizational effectiveness and deepen national impact.

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All of our members are executives of independent regional Parkinson’s organizations from across the United States.

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