Independent Parkinson’s Network

Independent approaches.
Collective impact.

Benefits of Membership


Our members understand the challenges that each other face and can share valuable experiences with one another.


All members attend an annual in-person summit with informative meetings and valued discussions.


Members share tools and resources so every region can deliver top notch services to their local Parkinson's community.

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Membership Application

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Requirements for Membership

Membership in the Independent Parkinson’s Network is exclusive and reserved for individuals who hold executive-level positions within regional organizations that provide services and support to people living with Parkinson’s Disease. To qualify for membership, applicants must demonstrate a direct involvement and significant responsibility in the planning, development, and provision of services to individuals with Parkinson’s Disease in their respective organizations. This includes, but is not limited to, executive directors, CEOs, COOs, and other high-ranking officials who are key decision-makers in their organizations. Moreover, applicants must also exhibit a commitment to the improvement of care and support services, as well as a dedication to keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in the field of Parkinson’s Disease. All applications for membership will be subject to review and approval by the IPN board.